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At Andrew Harper Travel, we work off the unbiased recommendations of the Hideaway Report, our partner editorial brand, and through our well-developed partnerships to offer exclusive benefits and unique experiences tailored to each member’s needs. We offer our clients full travel-planning support, exclusive benefits, special promotions, private auctions and personalized service.

Wild Things

Safaris awaken something within travelers. The heart races upon hearing a lion’s roar, seeing the ornamental plumage of a tropical bird, touching the contours of a termite mound, or smelling a cup of Kenyan coffee during a savannah tour. When you grasp this visceral experience within the comfort, intimacy and amenities of a luxurious resort, you attain memories more vivid than anything possible with a digital camera … though it doesn’t hurt to take those pics.

Summer in Europe

With summer on the horizon, the promise of warm weather and time away from school and work has us dreaming of our next adventures, and as ever, Europe reliably draws us with its inimitable blend of tradition and modernity. As exchange rates continue to trend favorably for American travelers between the U.S. dollar, the euro and the British pound, a trip to Europe now is even more appealing. To help you prepare for your summer abroad, we weigh in with tips and considerations to help you get the most out of your European holiday.

Intimate Islands

We all have the castaway dream: alone on an island paradise, living freely, at peace, just one with nature. You can experience this in real life at exclusive destinations across the Caribbean, where solitude and pure escapism also encompasses indulgent service and five-star luxury.

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