Travel Advisor Ann Parent

Specializing In: Alaska, Canada, United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Midwest, Ireland, UK, Private Jet, Yachts, North America Driving Trips

Advisors bring different life experiences that enrich Andrew Harper Travel. Ann worked in advertising, then raised her children, before taking courses in the travel industry in 2005. She was hooked and never looked back. Whether for individuals, couples, or families, Ann customizes unique journeys for any occasion.

In The Spotlight Ann Parent

  1. A favored Andrew Harper Travel hotel property?
  2. Blackberry Farm and Blackberry Mountain.
  1. What country would you most like to visit?
  2. My choice right now is based on wanting to see polar bears, so I’d have to say either Norway or Churchill in Manitoba Canada, on the western shore of Hudson Bay. Truthfully, I would never turn down any adventure.

“Take time to enjoy each location without a schedule. This gives you the best flavor of the location, allowing you to meet locals and enjoy the culture.”

  1. Favorite area of the world to sell and why?
  2. I have a renewed love of the Caribbean since we chartered a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands and got to see waters and isles unfamiliar to me. I look forward to enjoying its beauty again.
  1. Most breathtaking scenery you’ve ever witnessed?
  2. Standing near icebergs in Alaska. I also loved Glacier National Park, Lake Louise, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

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I've been to Ireland a number of times; however, the Grand Hibernian Train was unlike any trip I've taken! The food was fabulous and the evening entertainment after dinner was incredible.

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