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Specializing In: Central Europe, Eastern Europe, France, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Romance, Multi-Gen

Aude-line began her travel career in 2011, working in Germany’s hospitality market. She often sees herself as a dream-maker as well as a travel advisor, finding locations clients aspire to visit and making these hopes come true. She’s helped travelers achieve destinations to journeys throughout Europe.

In The Spotlight Aude-line Haxhi

  1. Number one travel tip?
  2. Pack a spare bag with you in case you make a lot of purchases, always carry some local money, make copies of your important documents, and take a lot of pictures to share with me upon your return!
  1. What country would you most like to visit?
  2. Greece and Albania to discover my in-law’s roots. I want to witness the natural splendor, culture, history, food, and wines of these countries.

“It’s such an enriching industry, the world has so many beauties to discover. Learning more about travel and seeing it myself makes me feel alive!”

  1. A favored Andrew Harper Travel hotel property?
  2. Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina, Sicily. Waking in the morning and enjoying a cup of coffee on the terrace, admiring the breathtaking view over Taormina, and the sea and Mount Etna, is spectacular!
  1. Most breathtaking scenery you’ve ever witnessed?
  2. The view over the Plitvice Lakes National Park, in Croatia.

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I spent six days in Sicily prepared by our travel partner IC Bellagio. This included our stay in Taormina, at the Villa Sant Andrea and Grand Hotel Timeo, next was the Verdura Resort, a stop by the Valley of the Temples, and ending in Palermo. Sicily offers an excellent sense of hospitality and service, including a rich culture, history, climate, food, and wine.

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Paris, Normandy, & Provence

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