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Specializing In: Greece, France, Turkey, Scandinavia, Middle East, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Romance

As a child, Stella’s family was spread throughout the world, allowing her to gain exposure to different cultures and ethnicities at a young age. As an adult, she worked in hospitality for twelve years, further reinforcing her travel knowledge. By 2017, she knew she was meant to become a travel advisor, booking memorable trips to Andrew Harper Travel members.

In The Spotlight Stella Smaragdis

  1. Favored Andrew Harper Travel hotel property?
  2. Amanzoe in Porto Heli, Greece. If the Olympian gods were real, this is where they’d live.
  1. Number one travel tip?
  2. Welcome the unexpected! The most amazing experiences are very often unplanned.

“I enjoy planning travel to France, but more specifically the Provence Alp Cotes d'Azur region. I love absolutely everything about it! The mild weather, the gastronomy, the wine, but most importantly, the people and their ‘farniente’ [idleness] lifestyle!”

  1. Most breathtaking scenery you’ve ever witnessed?
  2. When you go on a safari, you must get the day going quite early if you want to get a good sneak peek of the wildlife. The sunrise on the never-ending Maasai Mara is the most beautiful sight I’ve seen.
  1. What country would you most like to visit?
  2. It’s difficult to pick one but if I must, I’ll go with New Zealand.

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For my trip to France, I began my itinerary in Paris, followed by Megève, and lastly Cap.

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Paris, Normandy, Provence

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