The Rise of Wellness Travel

Traveler | Summer 2017

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Something interesting is happening in the hospitality industry, a phenomenon called the rise of wellness travel—traveling for the purpose of either getting well or staying well. Basic wellness programs are no longer enough for the world’s elite hotels. As a result, these establishments are now beginning to offer other services that deepen the physical health and emotional wellbeing of their clientele. This growing consumer expectation has sparked a trend in hotels around the world, and an evolved wellness menu is becoming increasingly common, from meditation to stress reduction and advanced therapies. Navigate this new world with our picks for a host of different spa and wellness experiences.

Weekend Rejuvenation

Why You Go: Though many think that total relaxation is only possible through a lengthy vacation, we believe a short wellness weekend can be just as beneficial. With the right destination and treatment plan in place, the mind, body and soul will return home recharged, renewed and rejuvenated for a new week ahead.

Spiritual Retreats

Why You Go: Spa retreats evoke deep inner stirrings in myriad ways, from the beauty of a setting to the antiquity of a ritual performed. Often, these spiritual connections are where the real therapy happens, reinforcing an inner bond between body and soul.

Sport & Spa

Why You Go: In life, there is beauty in balance. This truth is applicable to many modern-day travelers as they satisfy an appetite for trips that are both active and indulgent, athletic and heavy in relaxation.

City Relaxation

Why You Go: Finding relaxation amidst bustling city life can seem impossible at times. Luckily, many properties today offer guests the incomparable gift of complete relaxation in some of the world’s liveliest cities and cultural hubs. Whether your trip is for business or leisure, sneaking away for a few hours of peace and serenity has never been easier.

Traditional/Heritage Spas

Why You Go: Though relaxation may be a primary motive for visiting a spa property, many guests find the education of their experience to be just as important. Some of the world’s best spas draw from the heritage of their unique locations, incorporating rituals and cultural customs into their respective spa programs. When guests visit these properties, it’s about more than just a calming experience. Rather, it’s a chance to learn about the traditions of a destination first hand.

Group Travel

Why You Go: While there is something distinctly fulfilling about traveling alone, many wellness-focused vacation destinations are best enjoyed in numbers. Whether it’s a group of girlfriends or a covey of couples, traveling with loved ones can bring abundant beauty to the journey.

Natural Treatments & Surroundings

Why You Go: Nature’s restorative qualities make it the central focus in many spa and wellness programs around the world. The best of these programs thread natural surroundings and local elements into the client experience, creating a healing, holistic tapestry for the mind and body.

State-of-the-Art Treatments

Technology today has deeply transformed the spa and wellness industry. State-of-the-art treatments and cutting-edge equipment have brought forth the most discerning clientele while infusing the market with renewed energy and a results-driven enthusiasm.

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