New Zealand & the South Pacific Curated Moments Just for You

Travel is a subjective experience. Some love the lavish moments a journey provides: the inspiring view from your balcony over manicured rose gardens, the warmth of the hot stones heavy on your back, the bottle of Champagne the concierge sent to your table for your anniversary. For others, it’s more about the freedom to follow your passion, to delve into a new culture and investigate a destination from the inside out.

Thankfully, there’s a happy medium of those two ideals. There’s a way to enjoy unique and luxurious experiences that are personalized to your whims, all while exploring a region’s history and culture with all your senses. Andrew Harper Travel partners excel at crafting these curated experiences, these vacation-defining moments, some of which are highlighted below.



The roots of Australia are deep. They dig deeper than Sydney’s sun-warmed beaches, the artsy cafés of Melbourne, the teeming reef and monolithic Uluru. To truly understand this curious island’s culture, you need to witness the intimate relationship the locals have with their wild and wondrous landscape. Andrew Harper Travel’s partner, Abercrombie & Kent is poised to show you just that.

The luxury tour operators can introduce you to such life-changing individuals as Chris Darwin. The author and conservationist will take you through the stunning Blue Mountains in the footsteps of his great-great-grandfather Charles, showing you the ancient forests and isolated wildlife that not only shaped Charles’ world-changing theories after he left the Galapagos Islands in 1835, but also played a major role in Australia’s own cultural adaptations.

The beauty of this experience is the one-on-one interaction you’ll have with Chris, who tailors the day around your personal quest for knowledge. This style of personalized touring forges a stronger connection to your destination, crafting unique moments that are chiseled into your memories forever.

This experiential approach to travel is available in another adventure, this time on a full-day private tour of a working sheep farm. At Tarndwarncoort, called “Tarndie” for short, the Dennis family, makers of world-famous Polwarth wool, will personally introduce you to their extraordinary flock of sheep while showing you around one of Victoria’s oldest surviving homesteads. After a three-course lunch in a dining room built in 1878, the outback lifestyle of Australia’s wild history will suddenly become a real, breathing and vivid part of your journey Down Under.