Caribbean & Bermuda Family Travel



Children. Their innate sense of curiosity, infectious excitement and engagement with the people around them sets the stage for unexpected experiences and surprising encounters that often make for some of our most memorable moments.

Of course, traveling with kids also comes with its own set of challenges. The first is finding a destination that can accommodate a variety of ages and interests. “Nothing in life,” famously quipped Jerry Seinfeld, “is fun for the whole family.” That might be true, but with a little inspiration, and some thoughtful planning, it is possible to organize a family vacation that has something for everyone.

Below, you’ll find a few of our favorite family-friendly destinations and activities to get you started. From the awe-inspiring beauty of Fiji and South Africa’s scenic Cape Whale Route, these places and experiences are guaranteed to make memories that will last a lifetime, especially when they are expertly booked through Andrew Harper Travel.



Fiji offers families the allure of the classic beach vacation in one of the most breathtaking destinations on the planet. And while this South Pacific archipelago of more than 300 islands is nothing if not flush with white-sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise water, Fiji’s warm hospitable locals, vibrant culture and immense natural beauty make it the perfect place for families to explore both land and sea.

On the coast, Fiji’s palm-lined beaches give way to some of the last remaining healthy coral reefs in the world. The waters here teem with life: colorful parrotfish race past giant clams, while leatherback turtles and tiny luminous cardinalfish float on by. As expected, this spectacular underwater ecosystem offers some of the world’s best snorkeling and diving. For young swimmers, many resorts offer courses designed to introduce kids to the joys of scuba diving and the importance of coral reef conservation.

On land, rich mangroves, lush tropical forests and spectacular waterfalls battle for your attention. Favorite day trips include whitewater rafting through the remote highlands of Viti Levu, hiking the rainforests of Colo-i-Suva or swimming in the spectacular waterfalls of Bouma National Park. Make sure to stop in some of the towns and villages on the way, where the architecture, restaurants and markets offer a fascinating glimpse of the country’s unique mix of Indian, Chinese, European and Pacific cultures.

Most travelers flock to the country’s more populated islands, such as Denarau and the Mamanucas, where all-inclusive resorts and luxury hotels have all the mod cons and family friendly amenities that make for a dream vacation. The islands of Rotuma and Kadavu are accessible yet rarely visited spots where kids can recreate their own private Robinson Crusoe fantasy. Trips to these more isolated islands are usually undertaken by seaplane, helicopter or ferry, making the journey itself an adventure to remember.


“The Fijians love children, and they’re extraordinarily friendly people. Nanuku Auberge Resort is a 14 villa all-inclusive luxury resort on the Coral Coast, and each family gets their own personal butler and complimentary nanny to arrange activities for children.”

Judith Kitzes, Andrew Harper Travel Advisor

The Scenic Cape Whale Route


The lift off, rocketing out of the water. That moment of suspended animation, where the mighty beast reaches the top of its improbable arc. And then the forceful splashdown followed by a mighty roar of displaced water. Few sights are as genuinely awesome as watching a 40-ton humpback whale gracefully lift itself out of the water, and nowhere in the world is better to watch this spectacle than South Africa.

From June to November each year, thousands of southern right and humpback whales arrive from Antarctica, their feeding grounds, to mate and nurse their young in the warm waters off the coast. Here, they join a mind-boggling abundance of marine wildlife that includes 35 other whale species, huge pods of playful dolphins, penguins who bray like donkeys, and languid sea lions.

The main attraction, however, are the whales. South Africa has no shortage of picturesque beaches and spectacular cliffs from which to view the magnificent animals. Our favorite is a two-hour drive from Cape Town, along the glorious Cape Whale Route, where you’ll find the chic little seaside town of Hermanus, the whale-watching capital of the world. The elegant Birkenhead House, magnificently perched on a high peninsula above the Indian Ocean, is the perfect place to settle for a few days and watch the world’s largest mammal frolic in the waters below.

Although the whales can easily be seen from shore, this doesn’t have to be a passive activity. The ultimate way to experience the awe-inspiring spectacle is by helicopter or small plane—flights are readily available from both Hermanus and Cape Town—offering an unforgettable perspective of the mammals’ astonishing size. Of course, boat tours and private catamaran charters are also a popular choice, and a great way to get up close and personal with these gentle giants of the sea.