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Since our inception, Andrew Harper Travel has held a unique position within the travel industry, occupying the crossroads of luxury travel and inspired exploring. As a full-service travel agency, we recommend a comprehensive collection of bespoke travel, including everything from commercial air and private jets to custom tours, villas, spas and cruises. And while our breadth of services is large, it’s the firsthand experiences of our advisors that truly sets our agency apart.

While scouring the globe in search of the world’s most extraordinary vacations, our advisors have experienced the very best in travel firsthand. From that experience, we’ve gleaned important insights (and a number of fairly wild stories) that you simply can’t get from just reading a travel review — the kind of experience you can only achieve by becoming personally acquainted with the spectacular destinations and encountering firsthand the cultures, the transportation, the cuisine and, of course, the Andrew Harper Travel partners that we are so excited to share with you today. Sharing our experience with you, our friends and fellow globetrotters, is a task we take very seriously. Our expertise drives your family vacations, your anniversary trips, your weekend getaways and once-in-a-lifetime escapes. You’ve placed your trust in us to take care of some of the most important moments of your life, and we are so thankful to have the opportunity to continue to exceed your expectations. Your loyalty has helped make us who we are. In this and future editions of Traveler, we’d like to share with you more about the individuals who have contributed to the triumphant success of our agency, including peerless insights that have made them some of the most acclaimed advisors in the industry.

Dive Into Destinations

We feel confident to explore some countries on our own or with minor assistance from a travel professional. These “comfortable” countries—think Italy or Jamaica—possess a culture we can comprehend and language we can basically understand.

But to explore some of the best parts of our world—the parts that are wildly beguiling and engaging due, mostly, to their contrasting cultures and distinctive languages—it’s wise to lean on the wisdom of people who have visited these locales in depth. Thankfully, this is where Andrew Harper Travel advisors shine.

Take Japan, for instance. Every world traveler should visit this exceptional country, whether to stare in awe at the towering, neon cityscape of Tokyo or to grasp their ancient traditions in the temples of Kyoto. Yet some perceive Japan as a complex destination to experience. Andrew Harper Travel advisors who have been to Japan will not only explain how to successfully navigate this island country, they’ll also share their unique experiences. “On my recent trip to Japan, we explored both cities and countrysides to learn about their different traditions and culture,” said Travel Advisor Amtul Farooqui.

Senior Travel Advisor Laura Triebe adds, “When I was in Japan this past August, we had a very unique opportunity to visit with a Maiko, a Geisha in training. I also stayed at one of my favorite Andrew Harper Travel partner hotels—the Aman Tokyo. It is so peaceful and serene.”


“I love to travel, and Europe was always my favorite place to visit; however, I wanted to expand my horizons and learn about exotic places. On the Rest of the World team, we specialize in many of those wonderfully exotic destinations, including Africa, Asia, India, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.”

Laura Triebe, Andrew Harper Travel Senior Advisor

Master The Many Forms Of Travel

While luxury resorts and boutique hotels comprise the bulk of Andrew Harper Travel partners, our expertise extends well beyond to encompass all variants of travel. This expertise is borne not just from long-standing partnerships, but also from more firsthand experiences, as we send our advisors out into the world to “test drive” as many of our partners as possible.

For instance, several Andrew Harper Travel advisors recently enjoyed a Caribbean voyage with Seabourn. “It was amazing to see the level of service on the ship,” said Travel Advisor Alyssa Clodi. “Since Seabourn has more intimate ships, we visited a lot of the smaller islands that the big cruise ships cannot dock at. I made the most of this journey by visiting some of our properties in Barbados, Antigua and St. Kitts. It was great to see them in person and understand what makes them all so special.”

Travel Advisor Jolin DaPrato was on the same cruise. “It was such an amazing opportunity to experience and learn about luxury ocean cruising,” she said. “The ship docked into ports that are off the beaten track, which allowed for more unique experiences. We saw a turtle sanctuary in Bequia, hiked to a waterfall in Guadeloupe and snorkeled in a turtle cove in St. Thomas. These cruises are ideal for our clients, for they fit the luxury lifestyle while visiting multiple destinations.”

Like a cruise vacation, safaris provide a level of mobility that gives you the freedom to follow your sense of adventure. “I was in Tanzania during the southbound wildebeest migration coming in from Kenya,” said Travel Advisor Judith Kitzes. “We stayed at a mobile tented camp that moves to follow the migration. I helped collar a lioness with a GPS tracking device for research. This trip was invitation only, so I was able to visit 11 countries in Africa in one amazing journey.”

While cruises and safaris are known for their exceptional service and advantageous mobility, the same can be said for luxury train travel, according to Travel Advisor Ann Parent. “I recently traveled on the Belmond Grand Hibernian Train in Ireland. I’ve been to Ireland a number of times, but this time was unique. We toured different places and enjoyed private tours. The food onboard was fabulous, and the entertainment each night after dinner was so enjoyable. It was unlike any other trip I’ve taken.”


“I am continually inspired ”by our clients! Their desire to see more, do more and learn more through travel is endless. I enjoy sending clients back to a destination they enjoyed as a young person, and now they want to share that experience with their grandchildren.”

Carolyn Consalvo, Andrew Harper Travel Advisor

Spending Quality Time With Our Partners

While Andrew Harper Travel advisors spend a great deal of time traveling the world in order to become true destination experts, they never pass up an opportunity to spend nights at the properties of our Andrew Harper Travel hotel, resort and villa partners. This allows them to experience the hotel from the guest’s point of view, giving them the confidence to recommend the property to their own clients.

“I spent six full days in Sicily prepared by our travel partner IC Bellagio!” said Travel Advisor Aude-line Haxhi. “We started with two nights in Taormina, where I stayed at the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo, and then on to Verdura Resort. Sicily is totally an ideal Andrew Harper Travel destination thanks to both its luxurious accommodations and its authenticity.”

“I visited the French Riviera and stayed at the Château Saint-Martin and the Hotel du Cap,” said Travel Advisor Julie Gierek. “These two hotels are the best of the best as far as location, service and comfort. Plus, they are unique to Andrew Harper Travel because they are not as commercialized, so many people would not know to combine these two locations on a southern France itinerary.”

“I spent two weeks this past summer traveling throughout Costa Rica, experiencing our recommended hotels and our travel partner, Viaventure,” said Senior Travel Advisor Susan Blechschmidt. “Most of the hotels are luxury eco-lodges offering both beach and rainforest experiences. We toured many parks and sights, and the expertise of our guide made each tour so much more interesting. Costa Rica has so much to offer: beauty, activities, culture! Pura Vida!”

Our domestic partners are also worthy of exploration, claims Travel Advisor Carolyn Consalvo. “Our Boston Andrew Harper Travel hotels are all centrally located, easy walking distance to dining, shops and museums. In Rhode Island, I spent time at Ocean House and Weekapaug Inn—two very different settings, but equal when it comes to superior accommodations and top-notch service. At The Berkshires, a true year-round destination, Blantyre offers an adults-only setting with fine dining and a lovely spa. Wheatleigh makes you feel like you’re visiting a private estate thanks to its lovely accommodations, art collection and fine dining … all within walking distance to Tanglewood.” To find how our firsthand experiences can enhance your next journey, talk to an Andrew Harper Travel advisor today.


“A client was taking his wife to Twin Farms for a wedding anniversary. I had contact information for one of their children and asked them to send a wedding picture, and then I worked with Twin Farms to place the picture in a frame and also added decorations from the college that the both attended. They were really amazed.”

Ann Parent,  Andrew Harper Travel Advisor