Caribbean & Bermuda Intimate Islands



We all have the castaway dream: alone on an island paradise, living freely, at peace, just one with nature. You can experience this in real life at exclusive destinations across the Caribbean, where solitude and pure escapism also encompasses indulgent service and five-star luxury.

A private picnic or invigorating coconut scrub on a deserted stretch of beach; a rainforest hike to a series of breathtaking waterfalls; combing small villages to find local, handmade crafts; napping in a thatched bure, listening to the rolling ocean, faint chirps of exotic birds and gentle breezes fluttering through palm trees overhead. Whatever you dream of, these tranquil island getaways will truly take you a world away.



Petit St Vincent, another idyllic oasis in the Grenadines, is the definition of a hideaway. This tiny privately-owned island resides on an islet bordered by colorful coral reefs and powder sugar-soft beaches. Here you’ll enjoy unsurpassed privacy and relish in the complete sense of isolation. In fact, if you want service, you need to hoist a signal flag outside your cottage! Relax and sip a delightful cocktail at the beachside bar or select a bottle of Champagne or wine from the wine cellar. Visit the nearby dive center, managed by Jean-Michel Cousteau, where naturalists and marine biologists offer you boundless insights into the local marine life.



Set on the private island of Pine Cay, The Meridian Club offers a secret stunning beach. This jewel of the Turks and Caicos is ideal for those in search of the timeless and relaxing spirit of the old West Indies. A sanctuary for beach lovers who want to get away from it all, the enchanting blend of coral reefs and calm bays creates the ideal conditions to plunge into the inviting waters, spy vibrant-colored coral and fish on dives, and, in-season, witness majestic whales passing by close to the island. Year-round light breezes also make for near-perfect conditions to sail, windsurf and parasail.


“Pine Cay is an adventurer’s heaven, a private island paradise that is almost entirely self-sufficient. We think visitors get the most out of their stay on the island when they are able to embrace its true surroundings, so the most important piece of advice? Bring your adventurous spirit and be prepared to explore and relax in a way you probably haven’t been able to do since childhood.”

– Clara Dobson, The Merdian Club on Pine Cay