Andrew Harper TravelA Message to Travelers

Dear Andrew Harper Travel Family of Travelers,

As Senior Vice President of this remarkable travel agency, I am moved by the generous outpouring of concern and kindness expressed by you, our loyal travelers. I am equally heartened by the willingness of Andrew Harper Travel’s incredible advisors and staff to rise, without hesitation, to the challenges of the current world situation. I am sending many thanks to you all for your support during this difficult time.

Traveling forms bonds between you and the people you encounter. Today, we are strengthening those bonds by staying apart, putting safety over travel in order to protect this world we love. When travel resumes – and it will one day – our advisors will be here to help you plan that much-needed vacation.

In the meantime, Andrew Harper Travel advisors and staff members are working remotely and keeping in close contact with one another—as any family does. We’re also in frequent communication with our partners across the globe.

We are continuously monitoring the global situation to offer you sound guidance about any concerns you may have. Our advisors and staff are still here to help and are looking forward to planning your future travel journeys.

Stay safe, be well, and take good care of your loved ones.

Sandi Ferreira
Andrew Harper Travel