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“The more I experience for myself, the broader my own desire becomes to have everyone experience everything! But I am drawn to harbor cities – Hong Kong, Sydney, Rio, etc.”

Marianne McNulty Asia, South America, Africa

“Africa is my favorite area of the world to sell. I love animals and being on a safari is an experience that resonates with my soul.”

Laura Triebe Africa, Asia, South Pacific

“Always expect the unexpected, take travel insurance, and pack light with a color theme. Be fearless, be open, meet locals, and have fun.”

Judith Kitzes Australia, South Pacific, Asia

“The most out-of-the-way place I’ve found myself is an American Air Force base in Okinawa on the Fourth of July! It was a fun mix of Japanese and American culture. Never thought I’d be eating hot dogs and watching fireworks in a kimono!”

Bridget Kapinus Africa, Scandinavia, South America

“The greatest form of education is through traveling. I learned to truly appreciate this field from my personal trips around the world.”

Amtul Farooqui Eastern Europe, Asia, India

“I was astonished by the diverse cuisine, wines, fascinating history, culture, alluring wildlife and nature of Brazil. I can’t wait to share this beautiful destination with our members!”

AnaMarie Alejandre Asia, Central America, Spain