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“Spain and Morocco are some of my favorite places to sell. I love these two countries because they’re so diverse! They have amazing history, stunning natural beauty, and wonderful people; it’s possible to have different experiences from one day to the next.”

Julie Gierek Morocco, Portugal, Eastern Europe

“Always expect the unexpected, take travel insurance, and pack light with a color theme. Be fearless, be open, meet locals, and have fun.”

Judith Kitzes Australia, South Pacific, Asia

“I saw Andrew Harper Travel properties in St. Kitts and Antigua. These cruises are unique to our clients as it fits the luxury lifestyle and gives them the best opportunity to see multiple destinations.”

Jolin DaPrato France, Italy, UK

“Don’t change the way you’d travel or visit any large U.S. city when traveling to a similar one in Europe. There’s a saying in Italian which is very true, "Tutto Il Mondo e Paese," which I translate to ‘the world is the same wherever you go.’”

Joe Colucci Italy, Central Europe, Spain

“Take time to enjoy each location without a schedule. This gives you the best flavor of the location, allowing you to meet locals and enjoy the culture.”

Ann Parent Alaska, Canada, United States

“Travel encourages us to step beyond our comfort zones and grow as human beings. It can introduce you to lifelong friends, a new favorite food or hobby, and even inspire you to move across the world!”

Amanda Duesing New Zealand, UK, Ireland