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“When traveling, sit in a café or a park, and grab lunch from a local boulangerie or grocery. Explore the side streets. Learn to say hello, please, and thank you in the language of the country you are visiting. Immerse yourself. Wander.”

Rebecca McKay Central Europe, Spain, Portugal

“Spain and Morocco are some of my favorite places to sell. I love these two countries because they’re so diverse! They have amazing history, stunning natural beauty, and wonderful people; it’s possible to have different experiences from one day to the next.”

Julie Gierek Morocco, Portugal, Eastern Europe

“I saw Andrew Harper Travel properties in St. Kitts and Antigua. These cruises are unique to our clients as it fits the luxury lifestyle and gives them the best opportunity to see multiple destinations.”

Jolin DaPrato France, Italy, UK

“Don’t change the way you’d travel or visit any large U.S. city when traveling to a similar one in Europe. There’s a saying in Italian which is very true, "Tutto Il Mondo e Paese," which I translate to ‘the world is the same wherever you go.’”

Joe Colucci Italy, Central Europe, Spain

“The most out-of-the-way place I’ve found myself is an American Air Force base in Okinawa on the Fourth of July! It was a fun mix of Japanese and American culture. Never thought I’d be eating hot dogs and watching fireworks in a kimono!”

Bridget Kapinus Africa, Scandinavia, South America

“My favorite area to plan in the world is Europe. Since I was born in Italy, Europe will always have a special place in my heart.”

Bonnie Minutillo Italy, Africa, Central Europe

“The greatest form of education is through traveling. I learned to truly appreciate this field from my personal trips around the world.”

Amtul Farooqui Eastern Europe, Asia, India

"Go where the locals go. You’ll always meet the most interesting people and have great conversations.”

Alyssa Clodi Caribbean, Italy, UK