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Windows to Japan is a dynamic young company (established in 2005) that enables travelers the opportunity to have intimate encounters with Japan’s fascinating culture. They bring travelers directly to the heart of Japan through the soul-stirring “windows” they've interwoven into their tours.

Their extensive knowledge, contacts, and personal connections have been established during many years living and working in Japan. This puts them in a unique position to open up more windows and provide more tour options through which you can encounter a Japan that exists far beyond the known attractions and away from the usual well-beaten tracks.

They give the utmost personal attention and hand-craft tours to your specific and individual needs.

Welcoming guides and the friendly, efficient management team are always on hand to support your stay and to help to turn your journey in Japan into an unforgettable encounter.

Andrew Harper Travel Benefits

  • A Japanese welcome amenity
  • Complimentary “Surprise Benefit” for each customized itinerary, based on clients’ interests
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