Global Private Jet Travel

Far Above First Class


There are the best of flights, there are the worst of flights.

The worst is all too familiar to many travelers. You wake up at an ungodly hour and rush through traffic to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight. You queue patiently in line after line: first to check your bag, which they unceremoniously chuck onto the conveyor belt; then through security, where everyone in your line seemingly gets pulled aside for secondary inspections; and again at the gate, the last in line with minutes to spare. Onboard, you squeeze past coughing passengers to get to your cramped seat, shoving your carry-on into an over-stuffed overhead bin. And just as you sit down, the captain buzzes the intercom, apologizing for the 40-minute delay.

Then there’s the best of flights. You sleep in, leisurely dress and step into a car waiting for you outside the hotel. The driver takes you through a private gate behind the terminal and parks steps away from the private jet humming on the tarmac. You walk up the steps and smile as the attendant hands you a mimosa, which you sip as you sink into the plush leather lounge seat. Your bags have been boarded near you, so you grab your favorite soft throw and settle in for the short flight to the next stop on your itinerary.

This is private jet travel, where each dot of your incredible itinerary is connected by a quick and luxurious flight filled with style and indulgences.



With Andrew Harper Travel partner TCS World Travel, you can circle the globe aboard their customized Boeing aircraft, reconfigured with either 50 or 80 comfortable seats. This whirlwind tour only takes 24 days, where each day is filled with a bucket list item you can easily check off.

Highlights include discovering Peru’s diverse landscapes and warm, lively culture aboard a historic train to Machu Picchu, perched so high in the mountains it seems to kiss the sky. See a different side of another iconic attraction as you horseback ride around the famous rock statues on Easter Island. Stand in awe at the majesty and gleaming golden statues in the sacred temples of Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm in Cambodia and marvel at the intricate beauty of the monumental testament to love at the Taj Mahal.

You will have also the opportunity to explore the incredible biodiversity of Seychelles—an immaculately preserved island paradise set in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Next on your tour is a stay in the Serengeti, watching wildebeest, gazelles and zebras walk around your campsite. At the lost City of Petra, gold-tinged red sandstone cliffs arch up into the sky, while plateaus eroded by winds stretch toward the horizon. And in the imperial city of Marrakech, you will love getting lost in the narrow, maze-like streets crowded with merchants, fire-eaters, snake charmers, musicians and entertainers.


“Global journeys involve hundreds of details for every guest—and we take care of each and every one. From sending you packing suggestions and helping with visa applications to handling your luggage at each destination and pre-filling parts of your customs forms, we have thought of everything to make your experience truly hassle-free. We even give you stamped postcards at every stop…all you have to do is write!”

TCS World Travel