Beauty and mystery Asia

Nowhere else in the world can compare to the beauty and mystery of Asia. The riot of colors, the smell of unfamiliar spices, the sounds of the bustling cities, and the flavors of the cuisine, Asia is indeed a spectacular mosaic that engages all the senses. From glamorous cities to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, luxurious seaside escapes to grand palace retreats, wherever you go, Asia promises to be the adventure of a lifetime.
From Experience Comes Knowledge

Since our inception, Andrew Harper Travel has held a unique position within the travel industry, occupying the crossroads of luxury travel and inspired exploring. As a full-service travel agency, we r...

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Sound And Color: Exploring Asia's Most Iconic Festivals

On any given day, traveling to the Far East is a captivating and culturally distinct experience. Certain days, however, are exalted to a level of magic that must be experienced to be understood. From ...

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Retracing Ancient Trails: Japan's Natural Beauty

From their tranquil temples to serene Zen gardens and calming outdoor spaces, the Japanese are masters of finding inner peace in the outer world. They’ve even named the practice. Shinrin-yoku—lite...

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Itinerary 20-Day Journey Through India

On this inspirational adventure handcrafted by Andrew Harper Travel advisor, Laura Triebe visit one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, on this journey through the mysterious and ma...

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Itinerary Hosted President’s Trip: Japan Revealed

In April 2020, join Andrew Harper Travel Managing Director, Brett Cumberland, his wife Anna and an extraordinary host, Maya Kudo on a tour through Japan. Maya Kudo is a passionate world traveler and e...

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Itinerary Bespoke China: A Custom Journey Through the Middle Kingdom

This journey is a pioneering mix of the classic and the remote, fully capturing China in all its complexity. Explore its pulsating cities and essential ancient treasures, and journey far into the remo...

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