Breathtakingly vast and incredibly diverse United States

Breathtakingly vast and incredibly diverse, there’s no other country in the world like the United States. From sea to shining sea, and the thousands of miles in between, few other destinations offer such unimaginable variety. Revel in cosmopolitan cities, lose yourself in the glory of the national parks, discover your inner cowboy in Big Sky Country, or relax on the beautiful beaches. Whatever your desire, you’ll find it here.
From Experience Comes Knowledge

Since our inception, Andrew Harper Travel has held a unique position within the travel industry, occupying the crossroads of luxury travel and inspired exploring. As a full-service travel agency, we r...

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The Spirit Of Aloha

You might be familiar with the Hawaiian custom of greeting guests with a lei, a floral wreath worn around the neck. But it’s more than just a decorative welcome. It’s a symbol of the people’s af...

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Welcome to America’s Playgrounds

Nothing can adequately prepare you for your first glimpse. The incredible chasm is deeper than imagined, the sun-striped canyon walls more imposing. However you choose to explore this marvel.......

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Itinerary Peeping For Leaves In New England

When autumn arrives, New England is ablaze with color. The leaves start turning colors in the northern regions of New England around mid-to-late September and peaking around mid-October. Quaint towns ...

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Itinerary 9 Days on California’s West Coast

On this journey through California created by Andrew Harper Travel advisor Alyssa Clodi, witness San Diego’s marine life, Santa Barbara’s vineyards, Big Sur’s breathtaking coastline and so much ...

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Itinerary Southwest Explorer

There’s a reason the Western Canyons of Utah have been the stage for escapist Westerns, artistic inspiration, and the catalyst for many a traveler to fall in love with America’s outback. Picture t...

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