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TCS World Travel has hosted guests on adventures of a lifetime for over 25 years. Our all-inclusive journeys deliver unparalleled and meaningful experiences—with exceptional quality and service—in unique destinations around the globe. The pioneering leader in private jet expeditions, TCS World Travel has developed and operated over 240 trips to more than 200 destinations worldwide.


One complimentary pre- or post-tour overnight stay

Circle the globe, explore a continent or delve deeper into a single country or region on a private jet expedition, meticulously produced by our partner, TCS World Travel. These all-inclusive itineraries link unique cultures, historic sites, and natural wonders rarely experiences together in a single journey.

December | January 2020 Best of Africa

Best of Africa: A Private Jet Expedition

Travel the length and breadth of Africa, from the vast plains of Kenya to the jungles of Rwanda and South Africa, flying direct to most locations.

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January | February 2020 A President’s Journey

A President’s Journey Around the World

Celebrate a legacy of travel on a milestone journey by private jet to the favorite locales and life list destinations of TCS World Travel President.

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April | May 2020Legends and Empires


Trace the path of emperors and explorers on this extraordinary journey across Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

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April 2020 Best of Australia and New Zealand

Best of Australia and New Zealand

Discover dramatic landscapes and vibrant cultures on a spectacular private jet journey across Australia and New Zealand.

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April 2020 Treasures of Eurasia

Treasures of Eurasia

Follow in the footsteps of great explorers as you journey to eight destinations, from the heart of Europe to the fabled outposts on the legendary Silk Road.

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May | June 2020 Lands of the Midnight Sun

Lands of the Midnight Sun

Track the midnight sun across the North Atlantic, from enchanting Baltic capitals to the stark, untouched beauty of the windswept Faroe Islands.

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Aug | Sept | Oct 2020 Southern Africa: Wine and Wildlife

A Private Jet Expedition

Experience the best of southern Africa, from the lush Cape Winelands to Namibia’s desert beauty and the stunning beaches of Mozambique.

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