Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?
You’ve put a lot of thought into planning an exciting trip, but what will you do if something goes wrong?

You are visiting Machu Picchu in Peru and fall and break your ankle.
Our medical assistance services provide local doctor or hospital referrals and our accident & sickness medical expense benefit pays for covered charges.

Your traveling companion has a stroke while out to sea on a cruise.
Our emergency evacuation coverage provides insured travelers with necessary medical transportation to the nearest adequate medical facility.

You have a flight scheduled to the Bahamas but a hurricane has hit the island.
Our trip cancellation benefit reimburses you for covered trip costs if your trip is canceled due to a covered event.

You are trying to plan a romantic evening for your anniversary in Paris but need assistance.
Our concierge services will make reservations at an intimate, local restaurant, and even arrange for flower delivery.

Fortunately, Chubb Travel Protection is uniquely designed to cover the unexpected risks related to traveling.

To learn more, contact your travel advisor or call Chubb Travel Protection at 844.825.2265.

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